Cancer Detection

Using this product, it is possible to analyse whether healthcare expenditure is a significant driver of quality of health measured in terms of life expectancy at birth. We also include in our analysis percentage of government expenditure,presence of doctors in an area and adult literacy rate as independent variables and tried to find out whether they are also significant drivers of quality of healthcare offered in countries. Our statistical analysis suggests that healthcare expenditure does not have significant impact on life expectancy at birth for developing economies.

Based on results obtained from multiple datasets, it is indicated that the quality of healthcare should be looked into for developing and emerging countries for improvement in quality of health. In case of advanced economies, government spending on healthcare is insignificant compared to private spending. Therefore, there is scope for efficient utilization of funds for these countries. However, these results can’t be considered as only evidence and further research is suggested taking into account the criticality of healthcare.

Quality of healthcare offered is reflective of the economic development of any country. This addresses the basic needs of the citizens. With the breaking out of infectious diseases like Ebola, AIDS etc. it is becoming increasingly difficult for the countries to address the need for development without catering to the quality of health among its citizens. It also hinders global progress and international development. To effectively counter this problem, it is important to understand what are the significant factors affecting quality of health so that effective steps can be taken by respective authorities.

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