Customer Insights from Social Media

The product provides industry specific insights on the different discussions occurring in social media platforms to facilitate greater engagement and domain insights from the voice of the customers. Our product helps you to understand their needs and identify the major influencers. More specifically we help you to gain consumer insights by mining all discussions surrounding your offerings in Twitter.

Our solution enables the following key use cases

  • Monitoring of customer engagement on a real time and help you to identify your successful social media campaigns.
  • Monitor your customer’s sentiments and emotions. Identify themes for high points and low points for your customer’s engagements.
  • Understand the major topics being discussed among your customers and monitor their growing dominance or waning interest so that more targeted campaigns may be designed by your marketing team.
  • Identify the nature of interaction among your customer / user groups and identify potential influencers and help you to engage with them.
  • Cloud based solution, so no major CAPEX from your side and instant go-to-market with insights and intelligence from analytics deployed on social discussions.

For more idea of how this is feasible – Please refer to this publication by our advisory team on the domain of digital marketing. You may want to check this application for understanding how domain specific insights may be drawn from social media analytics. This is another publication conducted by our advisory team.

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