Vision and Mission


To achieve prominence and excellence in developing highly innovative, niche, use case specific software solutions based on analytics to address the business needs of the different stakeholders for the future.

The background of ICTS is firmly set up in Scientific Research. The founding members have extensive research experience in the Best of Universities which are ranked globally as the Top Universities (QS Rankings). With much of these research already published and patented, ICTS was conceived as a platform to commercialise the portfolio.


The mission statements of ICTS is as follows:

  1. To use business intelligence, business analytics, machine learning, engineering concepts to build technology products and solutions for global markets.
  2. To undertake applied research and engineering approaches in the domain of business analytics, computational science, artificial intelligence and data science for product development which would solve unique real world problems leveraging intellectual property creation. Business solutions thus conceptualised and designed would be published in peer reviewed platforms like journals, conference proceedings and patented.
  3. To engage in knowledge driven advisory services in the domain of digital economy and information sciences, which would be driven by a combination of information technology and computational sciences interfaced with the best practices of business derived from scientific literature.
  4. To engage in human resource development through high impact training within Information Technology enabled Business Education through both online and offline platforms.
  5. To make products which would cater globally using research and development in both technology and business domains. Products could be in the space of mobile applications, Web technologies, Internet of Things (IOT) and related IT applications for the futuristic digital and smart economy.