The ICTS team is driven by research and innovation. The products developed have a solid foundation in having been published in leading peer reviewed platforms among the scientific research community. The current portfolio of niche products which are being developed are in the following space.

Customer Insights from Social Media

The product provides industry specific insights on the different discussions occurring in social media platforms to facilitate greater engagement and domain insights from the voice of the customers. Our product helps you to understand their needs and identify the major influencers. Please visit the product page to know more.


Analytics for Cancer Detection

Detection of cancer is a major challenge in healthcare. A lot of medical tests are available, but interpreting results which are relatively connected and diagnosis becomes a major challenge. Our product helps you to detect and facilitate decision making. Please visit the product page to know more.


Real Estate Price Assessment

The price of real estate projects are subject to market conditions, project extrinsic factors and project intrinsic factors. Access to critical ameneties affect the price expectation from both the buyers and sellers. Our product helps you to match expectations with reality in the realty sector. Please visit the product page to know more.


Stock Price Prediction based on Social Discussions

Research indicates that the previous closing day price and social discussions regarding a stock can be used to predict the future price. This is based on understanding the buyer’s sentiment of discussions created in open platforms like Twitter. Please visit the product page to know more.